When I was about 11 I threw a rock in the back yard.The rock was heading toward the house as I noticed an aquarium across the yard on the ground.In a flash I thought the rock would hit the glass even though it was traveling far to the right of it and in that same flash the rockmade about a 30 degree turn as it bounced along the ground and hit the aquarium and the glass cracked.At that time I pondered if my thought made the rock hit the glass or if I knew it would happen by prediction.I struggled with that thought many of time and tonight something I read was an answer.


It is a question of the beliefs;are we creators of our own destiny or is our destiny determined already.Vince constantly reminds me of how our thoughts create our reality, but I refuse to deny that a greater power is at play here.†† I have been struggling with this for some time now and tonight I spilt my water on a book and had to open it to let it dry.


The book is the basis of what I have experienced in my art and its parallel to my life,


ďA Dictionary of SymbolsĒ by J. E. Cirlot.The overleaf of the coverstates ď Symbolism was an essential part of the ancient art of the Orient and of the medieval tradition in the West.It has been lately revived in the study of theunconscious, both directly in the field of dreams, visions and psycho-analysis, and indirectly in art and poetry.At the same time, the Gesalt theory of Kohler and Koffka, in pointing out the autonomy offacts and expressionsand the parallel betweenthe physical and the spiritual, has given renewed significance to the ancient principle of the tabula smargdina, What is above is what is below .


This duality of life is between the seen and unseen worlds as the Native Americans would say.The physical and the virtual tell me that we can not separate ourselves from the greater world around us, the infinity that we describe as God.†† It is a reflection of us and us of it.


This helps me to understand Jesusís message to love, and have love in our hearts as we create the God of our being.†† To have hate or jealousy or greed or envy would create a demon to our soul.


My book is still wet so Iíll go back to bed and read for a while.